About Us

Mr. Fred R. Saigh established Saigh Law, PLLC in 2005.  Mr. Saigh graduated from Southwestern University School of Law in 2002.  Mr. Saigh is licensed to practice law in Arizona (2003) and California (2004).  Mr. Saigh is also licensed to practice law in the United States District Court, District of Arizona.  Mr. Saigh has been practicing law for over 14 years.

Mr. Saigh has always had a strong passion for the law and a desire to be a successful lawyer.  No matter how small or large a claim or case may be, Mr. Saigh always provides superior representation to his clients through all phases of representation because of Mr. Saigh’s need to get his clients the best possible settlement or verdict.

Mr. Saigh handles personal injury claims, wrongful death claims, and other types of personal injury claims.  Mr. Saigh has helped victims of all types of serious injury cases.  During his extensive time as a lawyer, Mr. Saigh has effectively negotiated settlements that are in the best interest of his clients.  Mr. Saigh’s excellent reputation is demonstrated by his clients’ satisfaction.